Day 10: Bob Kramer/Zwilling

December 10, 2015
12 Days of Christmas,2015

There is nothing like the feeling of cutting into food with an incredibly sharp knife. The feeling is so satisfying. A good set of knives is essential to enjoying cooking too. It makes all the prep work more faster and easier. I have a ton of knives, but my favorite was just recently de-throned by this Bob Kramer Meiji 10″ chef’s knife by Zwilling J.A. Henckels. This blade is forged from a core of FC61 steel and clad in 100 layers of nickel and stainless Damascus (ya, don’t worry, I don’t quite know what that means either, but I do know it makes for a razor-sharp edge!). What I really love about this knife is that it has the weight of chef’s knife but has a thin and light blade, which is great for cutting thin slices. Trust me, you’ll love this knife as much as I do! To enter to win the knife, simply leave a comment below and a winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, December 13th. *Limited to U.S. and Canada residents only.  ****CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Winner is Mayur. Thanks for participating!****

Knife & Pomegranate

Bob Kramer Knife

Bob Kramer Knife

Knife(images by HonestlyYUM)


“Chop chop, hi-yah!” -my bf after I give this to him for Christmas!

This knife is the next level. Would love this in my kitchen. Great giveaway, thanks

I would love to give these knife set to my brother who loves to cook!

…a certain family member often complains that we don’t have “good knives”! This should make him happy 🙂

my husband would love something like this for christmas! great giveaway.

I would love, love, love a Bob Kramer knife (my previous last name is Kramer). I would be honored to own one of these beauties!!

I just started looking for a new 10″ chef’s knife. Waiting until I could afford a great quality one. This would be perfect!

my kitchen is in desperate need to a new chefs knife, and this seems to be the answer!

I have this brand on my wedding registry. It would be a dream to get one!

Would love to have a real adult knife! I find myself using the largest knife in our block for most tasks, because it’s the only one that isn’t incredibly dull 😉

Would looove to win – I’m desperately in need of an upgrade!

omygoodness. I need a sharp knife. I literally only own ONE knife and it is so dull!

I would love to win this knife, although I would be slightly scared to have it in my house 🙂

Oh please oh please oh please!! I’ve been looking for a good knife.

Nice to hear that the blade is thin— I’ve been using my ceramic knife for thin slices until I dropped it, and found out it was truly ceramic…!

Such an important tool in the kitchen! Would love to add this to my toolkit

A lifetime of chopping has dulled all of mine. What a beautiful set!!

I’ve been wanting a really good knife for so long! Would love to have this.

What a great knife! I know all to well how important it is to have a good one. Would love to try it!

Gorgeous knife. My husband would LOVE that for Christmas. Good tools make prep work easy.

I am really in need of some good knives and these are terrific!

Gosh I would kill for a nice knife like this! (Er, not literally.) 😉

This is way to exciting! I need a knife upgrade in a huge way. Fingers crossed!

Zwillings is a great company – would love to have one of their knives!

My husband (who has been taking the best care if my 37-week pregnant self) wants nothing more than a Bob Kramer. How I’d love to give it to him (and our kitchen!).

Very awesome prize! All my knives are older, and I could totally use a new one! And I agree… good knives in the kitchen is essential to efficiently working in the kitchen!

That’s a good looking knife. It would definitely be handy in my kitchen.

I am in desperate need of a new knife and the Zwillings is really the best

Wow this would be a serious upgrade to the one I have now. A good nice is so essential!

An amazing knife to make prepping my family’s meals a delightful breeze. 🙂

Being a foodie, I can really appreciate a great quality knife! Thanks for the opportunity!

I’d love a good knife – maybe I’d cook more if it was easier to cut up ingredients!

There is nothing better than a good knife. it makes your time cooking in the kitchen so much fun!Love your blog!

I don’t know much about knives, but I am positive my guy would drool over a gift like this.

That knife looks sharp. Thanks. Mine are shot need new ones. Thanks for the chance.

My absolute favorite knives! Would love to add some to my own kitchen!

A great chef’s knife is a must for every kitchen! This one looks incredible!

Mine, a perfectly engineered knife for a perfect engineer 🙂

I would love some nice new actually sharp kitchen knives! 😉

After a year studying abroad and using cheap knives, I quickly learned that a good knife is essential in the kitchen!

This would be such an elegant but practical statement to have in the kitchen. I know I’ve mistakenly underestimated the importance of having good knives when you cook. Beautiful giveaway!

I need a new set of knives so badly! This would be a great addition! It sure is a special feel to transform food with a solid knife!!

I’ve never seen anything like this! That would be so nice to use everyday!

Wow, what a beautiful knife! I would really love to have a nice knife, but they are so expensive! This one is a dream!

I’ve been eyeing this brand of knives. Me, please!!! 🙂

So sick of not being able to cut into my squash, this is the perfect tool for slicing and dicing!!

Moved into my first place recently and could really benefit from a “grown-up” knife!

I like the cut of your jib! I’d like a slice of that chop action!

My kitchen game would go up a whole new level if this beauty was in my hand!

I spend half my morning chopping fruits and veggies, I would love a sleek new knife to work with.

I’m a chef and just got a new job. I would love love love to use this at work everyday!

So this knife is essentially made of Valyrian steel…

I love the sound of a sharp knife slicing through something delicious!

i love to cook, this is a great knife and would really be an asset to my kitchen!

That’s just what I need for my upcoming onslaught of holiday cooking

It’s gorgeous and would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen! Thanks!

I’m currently in the process of moving out of our family home and I haven’t quite gotten to the task of shopping for a proper set of knives yet. This would be super handy for all kinds of prep work once I finally settle in!

We’ve been surviving on some knives from TJ Maxx, and we cook a LOT. It’d be great to have something like this that will last us a long time.

That knife is a work of art! The design of the handle just makes me want to hold it!

That is one gorgeous knife! I could definitely use some sharper knives…

Perfect!! This would make my hella easier haha Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

The damascus steel is a method of producing very fine layered steel products. This knife is dreamy. Need need need. Need. Must.

Perfect gift for my husband who has been lamenting about our terrible knives!

These knives are outta control. Would love to have one in my kitchen for sure!

Looks legit – maybe my bf would help me cook more if we had a decent knife!

Totally needing to upgrade my knives! I’ll check this out!

Solitary blade
Holidays in the kitchen
Swoosh is the knife’s sound

This would take my kitchen skills up a notch!

All the best,
Nannette Eaton

There is an easier way to cut a pomegranate–so I would use the knife for something else!

This is possibly the most exciting giveaway thus far. Love a good chef’s knife!

Desperately need some new knives to assist me with my cooking hobby!

Ohhhhhh, I am in such dire need of a good chef’s knife. Fingers crossed!

Great looking knife! Interesting that you have a good knife to cut the pomegranate. ..I’ve been looking for the best way to cut a pomegranate any ideas?!

I’m actually in the process of shopping for a new chef’s knife!

My knives stink and it feels dangerous to be using them. I would looooove this chef’s knife!

I was just telling my bf we need to get new knives as gifts to ourselves for Christmas this year! Would love to start with this one!

Sooo beautiful! I couldn’t agree more, a good knife makes all the difference when it comes to prep work. I have actually been swooning over zwilling and damascus steel blades for a while now, and would loooove to add one to my collection!

What a gorgeous knife!! Yes, I would love to have this in my kitchen!

My old knife has seen better times. thanks for a chance to win this great knife.

All my favorite knives are much smaller, but this is a work of beauty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Oh my god, I need this knife! I cook all the time and have never had a good knife for some reason…

This would be a great addition to my kitchen, my boyfriend (the chef) would be thrilled!

Great knife-need a sharp one in the kitchen, where a lot of good cooking takes place,

Can’t imagine what that sharpness is like, all my life we’ve only used serrated blades..

Was juuuust talking about how I need to get my knives sharpened. Or could just replace one. 🙂

I am pretty sure this amazing knife would make fun of all my other knives. Amazing!

I always imagine if I had the right tools, I’d be a lot more successful in my cooking! Practice does make perfect 🙂

I am in the market for a new Chef’s knife, and this one looks perfect!

What a beautifully crafted tool!
I would love to have one of these knives.
Thank you!

i didn’t think pomegranates could be more beautiful, but the sheen from that awesome knife has made it so! 🙂

Nothing beats a good chef’s knife! Plus, this would make an amazing Christmas present for my mom. 🙂

A good knife is essential to any meal preparation. Yes please, this would be on a priority list for me. Thanks!!

Anything from Zwilling has to be amazing, but this knife is gorgeous to boot!

Wouldn’t mind knowing what it felt like not to have to saw through everything

I love my small knife collection, it is my pride and joy! This knife would be an incredible addition to it!

My boyfriend says my knives are all like butterknives, so it might be time for an upgrade 🙂

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