Cafe Con Tres Leches Cake

Hooray!! It's my first cocktail recipe of the spring, and I wanted to make something evocative of the season. I went with a combo of bright citrus and delicate floral notes. The egg white, yogurt, and lemon curd create that lush, velvety texture…

Hong Kong Travel Guide

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I returned from a 5-day trip to Hong Kong. For such a small city, you’d think 5 days would be enough, but we left wanting more and lamenting our far-too-short stay. We had a jam-packed schedule, mostly consisting of eating and getting spoiled at the Kerry Hotel, an urban oasis in Hung Hom Bay. These are all the details on everything we ate, drank and saw on our Hong Kong adventure!

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Barcelona Food Guide

How to Make Paella at Home

Paella has always intimidated me. Between the ingredients and the way it’s prepared, I don’t think there is a dish more misunderstood and contentious than paella. But guys, it turns out, paella is incredibly easy to make.

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One Pot Thai Green Curry Chicken

This dish is a Thai twist on one of my favorite recipes: milk chicken. Instead of roasting a chicken in milk and aromatics, like cinnamon, lemon and sage, I’ve used a basting sauce that is composed of traditional Thai curry ingredients– coconut milk, fish sauce, green curry paste, chiles and kaffir lime leaves.

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Old Fashioned Conversational Truffles

What’s more important on Valentine’s Day than cocktails and chocolates? These truffles have Old Fashioned ingredients in them– bourbon, bitters and orange zest, all creating a subtle boozy tasting truffle!

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