Citrus Juicers

May 13, 2013

If you cook, bake, or are like me and enjoy making cocktails at home, you’re likely to squeeze a ton of citrus. Being the gadget nerd that I am, I’m constantly on the lookout for cool new tools for the kitchen. While the Breville electric citrus press is my favorite for large batches, it hardly beats the satisfaction of hand-juicing your own using one of these charming designs.

Citrus Juicers // HonestlyYUM

Citrus Juicers // HonestlyYUM

(image by HonestlyYUM)

1. Good Grips Citrus Squeezer, $15.99 | 2. Catcher™ Citrus Reamer, $8 | 3. Glass Citrus Juicer, $9.95 | 4. Le Creuset 16-Ounce Juicer – Caribbean, $29.99 | 5. Wooden Lemon Reamer, $5.99 | 6. Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer, $100 | 7. Matte Black Juicer, $3.99 | 8. Die-Cast Citrus Press, $199 | 9. Stonybrook Juicer, $48 | 10. White Stoneware Juicer Pitcher, $29.95 | 11. Alessi Mysqueeze Citrus Press, $72 | 12. Ceramic Juicer, $15 | 13. Dr. Bird Juicer


…these are so cute and sadly i dont own even one juicer 🙁

Todd – Do you have a good recommendation for a non-stick cookie sheet/ baking sheet? I can’t seem to find one that does the trick. Either they burn or don’t cook all the way through and I’ve experiemented with many! Appreciate it!


Todd – More great finds for the ‘Cool Hunting’ collection! That section is my go-to now for cool kitchen ware! Thank you!

Nice collection! I don’t think I juice citrus fruits enough to warrant the breville juicer but it sure is sleek. I love the little bird!

My goodness I want one of those awesome looking Dr. Bird Juicers! Even if I never used it for its original purpose, it just looks so cool! Who wouldn’t want a ceramic hummingbird staring up at you! (Besides, the name is kind of a blend of two great NBA stars, Dr. J(uicer) and Larry Bird. Hah!)

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