Wise Sons Pickled Beets
These can be eaten plain or used in a lot of fun ways. Wise Sons likes them in turkey sandwiches or in salads with creamy goat cheese. The brine makes a great salad dressing mixed with a bit of sour cream or yogurt when the pickles are through.
  1. Set a large pot to boil over high heat with about 2 quarts of salted water. Meanwhile, wash and peel the beets, then cut into even sized quarters.
  2. Once the water is boiling, add the cut beets and blanch until a knife can easily penetrate all the way through the beets, about 12 minutes. Remove and strain.
  3. Meanwhile, in a large bowl add dry spices, salt, and sugar to hot water and stir to dissolve. Add vinegar.
  4. Add the beets to a large wide mouth jar or tupperware, then cover with the brine to submerge.
  5. Let cool, then replace the lid. Store in fridge for at least 48 hours, these will get better the longer they sit.