Rosé Granita with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

December 27, 2016

Wine granita is one of our favorite desserts. Actually, any time we can combine alcohol and dessert— we do! Granitas are so easy to make and can be prepared a head of time, great for entertaining. For New Years Eve, we’ve teamed up with Elouan to make this rosé granita. Elouan rosé is a crisp wine with hints of ripe raspberries and strawberries and hints of citrus and perfect with creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Rosé is often considered a summer wine, but rose is appropriate for any time of the year in our book. Pair this dessert with glasses of chilled rosé and you have yourself an amazing New Years Eve night!



  • 1 bottle of Elouan Rosé
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • Vanilla bean ice cream


  • Pour the rosé into a shallow pan and add the sugar and whisk to dissolve the sugar.
  • Place in the freezer for about 2 hours until the top and edges are frozen. Scrape the ice crystals towards the center of the pan. Repeat this every hour or so until completely frozen. Once frozen you can also keep this in the freezer until you need to serve it.
  • Serve the granita over the ice cream.

(Images by HonestlyYUM. This post is sponsored by Elouan Rosé. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep HonestlyYUM up and running! Opinions are our our own.)


Beautiful. I can’t wait to make this it will be the perfect dessert for he girls night i am planning!!

Love rosé, love granita, love ice cream….This sounds like a match made in heaven!

This sounds amazing! Omg, and what a perfect thing to serve for New Year’s!

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