I can’t believe it’s already Friday! That means tomorrow it’s the weekend and I get to sleep until noon, eat pizza for breakfast and watch the NBA playoffs all day. Who am I kidding? What I meant to say was, wakeup at 6am, go for a long run, and then spend all day painfully ripping up all the bamboo that’s taking over my backyard. There’s only one thing that can get me through that kinda morning. I’ll give you a hint: starts with a ‘c’ and ends with an ‘offee’. Oh, and the thought of these outrageous roasted strawberry red wine popsicles from Pastry Affair. I’ve been dying to make them since first glance on Tuesday. I think tomorrow might finally be the day. Wish me luck!

Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles // Pastry Affair

  • For all you lucky peeps headed to Brazil next month for the World Cup, Gaby has you covered.
  • Speaking of traveling: for those of you heading to Sydney.
  • Matt loves summer and so do I.
  • This is the TRUTH (especially #1).
  • Well, at least he can rap.

Happy Weekend!!

(image by Pasty Affair)